Dr. Iuliana Gavril

Dr Iuliana Gavril is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Cultural Context coordinator on the BA Architecture Course and Created and Contested Territory research group champion.  As an educator, Iuliana has experience of developing, planning and facilitating a variety of educational programmes ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate design studios to cross-disciplinary undergraduate history, theory and criticism seminars. She has been a Visiting Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Iuliana’s interdisciplinary research interests lie between writing about architecture as an alternative architectural practice to design and Late Antique and Medieval architectural theories and histories. She has received her DPhil from the University of Sussex, with a thesis on the Byzantine monument of Hagia Sophia as an ‘archi-text’ for contemplation. Iuliana is a member of the European Network of Architectural Histories and has been a general editor of its journal Architectural Histories (2014-2018). As part of Cactus, Iuliana focuses on contested architectural narratives. 

Photo by Neil Powell