HYMN: Damian Hirst

26 March – 29 July 2018

SOURCE: Shhhh Norwich

Damien Hirst’s monumental anatomical sculpture, ‘Hymn’ (1999–2005), was shown at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) from March 26th to July 29th 2018.

The 20ft bronze sculpture was exhibited on the NUA campus in the St George’s area of the city – coinciding with the major exhibition of Hirst’s work at Houghton Hall.

Professor Neil Powell, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) at NUA, thanked the Houghton team, Science and Norwich City Council for their support in bringing Hymn to Norwich.

Professor Powell said:

“Temporary public art is a way to give wider access to creativity, imagination and the unexpected. It gives pause for thought, a reason for a conversation or can present a challenge to established ideas of a place or context.

“The opportunity to show Hymn at NUA was unmissable given that the university isat the creative centre of the city and the work epitomises the historical relationships between art and science, anatomical study with medicine.

“The work also captures that spark of creativity and magnifies it on an architectural scale. Like much of Hirst’s work, it is audacious and provocative. What better place to locate such a work at NUA where student artists are exploring their creative ideas?”

‘Hymn’ was in place through the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in May 2018 through to NUA’s graduation ceremonies in July.